Ellen Gordon is a Stamford, CT-based award-winning mixed media artist.  The colors and patterns in her artwork are roller coaster rhythms of fences, grids, and fractured geometries – a kind of mapping. She guides us along a journey of the personal narrative through landscaped layers of abstraction and portraiture. Playful and speculative, the rhythms remain determinedly open-ended and essentially borderless. An un-plotted story with unbounded possibilities.  Over the past two decades, Gordon’s work has evolved through many phases, but her main body of work centers on figurative collages - intimate yet colorful portrayals of a woman in her own thoughts, providing the viewer a window into honest moments with a series of striking and bold women. Her most recent work has been a transition into the abstract patterns, experimenting with geometric shapes and inverted forms in color palettes evoking various states of mind.
Ellen Gordon’s art training is from the Greenwich Art Society Silvermine Arts Guild and the Rowayton Arts Centre.   She holds an undergraduate degree from Boston University and a master’s degree from Baruch College, NYC.  She has exhibited regionally and is the recipient of many awards.

In 2022, Ms Gordon became the curator of the Mayor's Art Gallery in Stamford, CT.